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Pan-frying requires less oil than deep frying yet results in a crispy, tender product. This cooking method has been used for centuries by the Chinese. Although not all our steamed Dim Sum is suitable for frying it can sometimes be applied. Please read the instructions on the package.

You can fry Dim Sum in two ways:


Standard cooking method

1. Steam the Dim Sum following the instructions on the pack

2. Heat a frying pan and add a dash of oil

3. Lay the Dim Sum on the flat side on the heated frying pan and fry till the bottom is golden brown (1 – 2 minutes)


Traditional cooking method:

1. Lay the Dim Sum (on the flat side) in a frying pan

2. Add enough water to just cover the bottom of the pan and put a lid on it

3. Boil it until all the water has evaporated (6-8 minutes)

4. Remove the lid and add 1 teaspoon of oil

5. Fry the Dim Sum on a medium to high heat until the bottom is golden brown (1 – 2 minutes)