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Deep frying is generally regarded as unhealthy. This is largely due to two factors. Firstly, the fatty acid composition of oil and secondly, the overuse of oil.


Always use oil that is rich in unsaturated fats and low in trans fatty acids. These unsaturated fats have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Use oil containing no more than 5% trans fatty acids and a minimum of 65% unsaturated fatty acids.


Read the instructions carefully paying attention to the cooking time. Obviously the cooking time will depend on the amount you are cooking. Don't overcrowd the pan! Carefully add the Dim Sum, leaving lots of space around each piece so they will cook evenly. If you add too much Dim Sum at once, the oil temperature will drop and they will absorb fat instead of instantly searing. Always deep fry at a maximum of 175 degrees centigrade. When it is cooked, remove the Dim Sum from the pan and shake the frying basket to rid the Dim Sum of any excess oil.


Refresh frying oil regularly. Overuse destroys the quality of the oil. Do not re-use it if it becomes thick and / or dark and smelly.