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Lotus Leaf Wrap

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Chan Chu Kai | 珍珠雞



The Lotus Wrap (Chan Chu Kai) is a very elegant parcel of about 100 grams. This steamed sticky rice parcel is filled with chicken, shrimps and Chinese mushrooms, wrapped in lotus leaf. After steaming this Dim Sum, you can smell the delicious aroma of the lotus leaf. This product can be consumed as a snack, dish or as a substitute for rice or noodle.


Chicken, shrimps and Chinese mushrooms


100 gram


Steam about 20 minutes above boiling water

Serving suggestions

Serve the parcel in a steaming basket and unwrap the lotus leaf after serving. This will keep the Dim Sum warm and helps preseve the moist and flavour. More serving suggestions

NOTE: The leaf wrap is not for consumption

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