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Gyoza Vegetable

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So Gyoza | 素饺子



Gyoza literally translated to potstickers, has been a very popular dumpling in Asia for ages and recently a well known product in Europe. This version is somewhat smaller than the other Gyoza's because of the various vegetables as filling. It's made of white radish, potato, Chinese mushrooms and various vegetables.


White radish, potato, Chinese mushroom and vegetables


18 gram


Steam for about 10 minutes above boiling water
Deep-fry for 5 minutes in oil at 175ºC
Pan-fry for about 1 minute with a teaspoon of oil after steaming

Serving suggestions

Traditionally this dumpling should be served with a special mixture of soy sauce like the Dim Sum sauce of Dim Sum Chef. Add some thin strips of ginger to the sauce for extra ginger flavour. More serving suggestions

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