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Pancake Bun

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Ngap Beng | 鴨餅



These Chinese fluffy buns are traditionally used for roasted Peking duck with vegetables and Hoi-Sin Sauce. The Peking Duck is originally from Beijing were it has been served with very thin pancakes. However the pancakes of the Cantonese version of the Peking Duck are replaced by white fluffy buns.



Wheat flour and water


30 gram


Steam about 3-5 minutes above boiling water

Deep-fry about 3 minutes by 175°C


Serving suggestions

Besides the traditional duck filling, you can choose to put a wide variety of meats and vegetables instead. Glazed pork belly, pulled pork, kim chi to name a few. By deep frying the bun, the sugar will caramelize and become crispy. Serve it with fresh fruit and ice cream for a surprising hot and cold dessert. More serving suggestions

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