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Dim Sum Delight

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Assortiment A



A selection of three different kinds of Dim Sum in one package. The crunchiness of the Crispy prawn balls (Cha Ha Yun), sesame flavoured Spicy chicken balls (Chi Ma Kai) and the spiciness of the Szechuan Roll form a delicious combination of Dim Sum to deep-fry.


Cha Ha Yun | Pork, shirmps and vegetables
Chi Ma Kai | Chicken, waterchestnut and vegetables
Szechuan Khun | Pork and vegetables



Cha Ha Yun | 18 gram
Chi Ma Kai | 18 gram
Szechuan Khun | 10 gram


Deep-fry for about 4-6 minutes in oil at 175ºC

Serving suggestions

Serve these Dim Sum with our delicious Sweet & Sour dip. If you prefer spicy, add some Dim Sum Chef Chili dip to the dumplings. More serving suggestions

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