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Assortiment B



These three Dim Sum are distinguish from each other not only by appearance, but also by filling and dough. The Ka Li Kok is a curry triangle with beef in a crispy thin pastry, while the Cha Fun Kuo is a crescent shaped dumpling filled with pork and shrimps in a flour pastry. The Fong Me symbolizes the tail of a phoenix, with a filling of prawns and chicken covered with breadcrumbs and sesame seeds.


Ka Li Kok | Beef and vegetables
Cha Fun Kuo | Pork, shrimps and vegetables
Fong Me | Chicken, shrimps and vegetables



Ka Li Kok | 10 gram
Cha Fun Kuo | 18 gram
Fong Me | 18 gram



Deep-fry for about 4-6 minutes in oil at 175ºC

Serving suggestions

Serve these Dim Sum with our delicious Sweet & Sour dip. If you prefer spicy, add some Dim Sum Chef Chili dip to the dumplings. More serving suggestions

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